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Best cities for cycling in canada

Just outside the Top 20 sit a number of cities all on the cusp of breaking through,. With the highest city-wide bicycle modal share in Canada,

Defining what makes a city “bike friendly” is a difficult task, even for me – and I've visited many of them on two wheels. Cycling is an amazing.

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Spring, summer and early fall attracts many cyclists to Montreal with their ever- expanding bike-share system.

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Cycling in Canada is experienced in various ways across a geographically huge, economically. The top five Census Metropolitan Areas by percent of bicycle commuters are; Victoria at 6.6 percent, Kelowna at 2.7 percent, Ottawa-Gatineau at 2.4. There are thousands of kilometres of bike lanes or paths in Canadian cities.

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By the numbers, here are Canada's top cycling neighborhoods. common in Canadian cities and with higher pace than in the United States.

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So why aren’t more Americans bicycling, especially when they visit cities? In fact, they are. In the past decade the number of people riding bikes has doubled. More than 100 million Americans rode a.

Would it surprise you to learn that the best city to live in if you're an avid cyclist in Canada isn't Vancouver or Victoria in the western province of.

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