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Best winter road tyres for cycling

Top 5 road bike upgrades that won’t break the bank – Wider tyres Possibly one of the best upgrades you can make to the. As summer shifts to winter, ride on as the clocks go back in the world’s longest one-day road cycling race. find out more about.

Road bike tyres designed for winter riding are generally not defined by being soft, supple, light or fast. They don’t tend to result in an immediate curl of the lips and a feeling of electric power, but in the wet, cold, more slippery months they do provide a great deal of extra confidence.

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The Continental GP4000 S2 is by far the most popular road bike tires today. The Continental GP4000 S2 has improved on their widely popular, previous model by adding a Vectran breaker. Vectran is a liquid-crystalline polymer that helps prevent punctures.

The best winter road bike tyre isn’t necessarily the toughest. It’s the one whose balance of puncture resistance, rolling performance, durability, and grip best suits your riding. I’ve tested 25mm tyres here.

If you’re going to carry on riding through winter, the cold, wet conditions are best handled with heavier, grippier and more puncture-resistant tyres than your summer rubber. Fortunately there are plenty of winter-specific tyres out there. You’ll get more punctures in the winter thanks to the rain.

Bike tires are the most important part of a bike. This is the only part of the cycle that is exposed to the road. Because of the importance, it is recommended that bike users should always opt for the best road bike tires anytime they want to buy one. You can feel the road through the tires.

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We look at the best winter tyres in terms of budget, road riding, cyclo-cross, commuting, surface ice and tubeless tyre versions. (Header and Thumbnail image credit: >>Shop all Winter Tyres<< One of the great things about the bicycle is that a simple tyre change can radically alter its abilities.

If you’re going to carry on riding through winter, the cold, wet conditions are best handled with heavier, grippier and more puncture-resistant tyres than your summer rubber. Fortunately there are plenty of winter-specific tyres out there.